Wonderful Ventilation Methods In Hot Weather In 2021

Keeping your home in the sweltering summer heat of the sauna is not often simple enough tricks – without expensive air conditioning. If the air in the summer and the heat, it is simple is hardly endure outdoor rescue, a large number in the cool, air-conditioned apartment.

But it should not always come equal to the power-hungry air conditioning for use: To keep your own four walls during the summer despite the cold heat wave.

It is basically only noted three important points: Ensure a adequate ventilation, install effective protection against the sun from the outside and you forgo any source of excess heat.

Energy experts from the German Energy Agency recommend: Everything becomes heat in the first place in the house, must be carried out later again expensive.

External Shadow Of 2021

Sun protection from the outside is the most effective method of reducing the temperatures inside the house to a comfortable level of coolness. Exterior shade in the form of blinds or canopies can reduce solar radiation by up to 75 percent – more appropriate protection from the interior in the form of curtains, but only up to 25 percent.

The reason: As soon as the sun’s rays have passed through the glass promenade, particles of light energy are in heat in the room. Especially in modern, coated windows which quickly then the famous greenhouse effect, which can be useful in the winter, then in the summer quickly bored.

Silver Blinds Reflect The Sun

From the outside, the sun can be shutters, blinds or awnings, and in the apartments before transubstantiation interventions or changes in the external appearance must first seek, in any case the approval of your landlord. For internal shading like blinds, curtains or blinds, if possible, you should choose bright colors, with any shade you decide is best for the color silver: This reflects light more effectively.

Only Broadcast In Dark Times Of The Day

Would you like to ventilate despite the hot weather, you should definitely do that late in the evening, or at night – to do very early in the morning – best of all. Which diffuses during the day or the window to tilt, while outside the high sun in the sky, carrying with even more warmth into the apartment. It is then permanently stored in the walls.

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