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Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural Airbus A330neo plans to fly to Boston in October

In less than two and a half months, Virgin Atlantic’s first revenue-generating A330neo (A330-900) flight will take off from London Heathrow on October 12. Destination: Boston. It is loaded and bookable, although this is subject to change.

Boston will be one of five routes to see the new type this winter, all from Heathrow. It will join Tampa, Miami, New York JFK, and – just two one-off flights – Atlanta. (At the time of writing, other publications have not mentioned Atlanta.)

Four A330-900s are required

Virgin has ordered 16 A330-900s for delivery between 2022 and 2026. Based on this current plan for this winter, four aircraft will be required. They will each have 262 seats: 32 in Upper Class (two Retreat Suites, 30 Upper-Class seats), 46 in Premium (2-3-2), and 184 in Economy (2-4-2).

They will have four fewer seats than the A330-300 they will replace. Of course, the critical difference is 11%-13% lower fuel consumption, improved route economy, and 50% less noise. In July, Simple Flying saw the A330-900’s premium offering.

Virgin expects 16 A330-900s by 2026. Photo: Virgin Atlantic.

First flight: October 12

According to Virgin Atlantic’s latest schedule uploads and reflected in its booking engine, Boston will see its first commercial A330-900 flight from London Heathrow. It will be on Wednesday, October 12, not long before the start of the winter schedule. It will replace 264-seat A330-300s, meaning two fewer seats per departure.

  • London Heathrow to Boston: VS11, 17:30-20:15
  • Boston to London Heathrow: VS12, 22:15-10:00+1

Virgin Atlantic’s A330-900 network this winter. Photo: GCMap.

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Five routes are planned this winter

Between October 12 and March 25, the last day of the Northern Hemisphere aviation winter season, the following will see Virgin’s A330-900s. This included a new route to Tampa, Virgin, and Heathrow, which used the A330-300.

  1. Boston: A330-900 from October 12 (on VS11/VS12), operating alongside A330-300/B787-9; From early December 6x weekly by A330-900, 1x by A330-300.
  2. Tampa: A330-900 from November 3 (on VS129/VS130), sub-daily but increased to 1x daily from November 27; Exclusively by A330-900.
  3. Miami: A330neo from November 11 (at VS5/VS6), initially alongside A330-300, then 1x A330-900 daily from December 5
  4. New York JFK: A330neo one-off on November 7 (VS9/VS10), then 1x daily from March 6 (VS3/VS4)
  5. Atlanta: A330-900 on March 21 and 25 (VS103/VS104)

Atlanta, for now, will have only two A330-900 flights this winter, one on March 21. Photo: Virgin Atlantic.

Flights up to 4x daily

Virgin will have up to 4x daily A330-900 departures. This number will be next March. In just 14 days, the amount will be visible Starting March 6. For example, these will work:

From Heathrow (departs the UK on March 6)

  1. 08:55: VS3 to JFK, will arrive at 12:15 local time
  2. 12:20: VS5 to Miami, will arrive at 17:40
  3. 13:25: VS129 to Tampa, arriving at 18:35
  4. 16:25: VS11 to Boston, arriving at 19:20 (Virgin Winter Time)

At Heathrow (arriving in the UK on March 6)

  1. 18:30: JFK to VS4, arrived March 6 06:30+1
  2. 19:40: VS6 from Miami, arriving at 09:20+1
  3. 21:50: VS12 from Boston, arriving at 09:30+1
  4. 20:50: VS130 from Tampa, arriving at 10:15+1 (Virgin Winter Time)

Have you flown the A330neo yet? If so, with which airlines and on which routes? Let us know your comments.

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