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The Boeing Ferry is in China for the completion of a second 737 MAX

After leaving the United States on March 14, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 painted on the lever of Shanghai Airlines landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on April 7.
Flight BOE6314, according to Flightradar24.com: Antonio B of Guam on April 7, 0916, for a 46-hour flight. One Pat leaves International Airport (GUM) and lands at Shanghai (PVG), 1202.

Planespotters.net data shows Boeing 737 MAX 8, N245BE registered and just a few months old, ordered for Shanghai Airlines. The data further shows that Shanghai Airlines has 86 Boeing 737 aircraft, of which 11 are parked MAX 8. The total fleet stands at 94, but only three Boeing 787s and one 737-700 are active.

An unexpected break for the crew in GuamThe ferry flight left Seattle Boeing Field (BFI) on March 14, first landing in Hawaii and then stopping at Guam on March 15. It was in Guam for three weeks before leaving on April 7. According to reports, a Boeing spokesman described the delay as “a minor technical problem.”

“Our team has identified the problem and is working through logistics to deal with it properly and resume ferry flights when ready.”

The plane was en route to Boeing’s 737 MAX Finishing and Delivery Center in Zhoushan during a 40-minute flight from Shanghai.

Boeing’s Max Completion Center in China is capable of installing seats and painting levers on a 737 MAX aircraft bound for China Airlines. Photo: Getty Images The center opened in 2018 and is a joint venture between Boeing and China Commercial Aircraft Corporation Ltd. COMAC) aircraft is completed and handed over to customers from a separate, Boeing-owned distribution center.

The termination center can place and paint the interior of 737 MAX aircraft, which are scheduled for delivery to Boeing’s Chinese airline customers. This facility is next to Zhoushan Putuoshan International Airport (HSN), the next sector to be tracked in Boeing’s ferry flight Odyssey.

Boeing listed 104 unfinished 737 MAX orders for Chinese customers in its February Order and Delivery Report. These were with China Southern Airlines 34, Donghai Airlines 25, OK Airways 9, and Ruili Airlines 36.

The MAX Finishing Center can operate up to 100 aircraft a year, so finishing the interior work and painting the aircraft should not be a problem.
China has one of Boeing’s largest markets for MAX, and China Southern has 34 more orders. Photo: Getty Images

The problem for Boeing is that the China Eastern 737-800 crashed on March 21, killing all 132 passengers and crew on board. The investigation is ongoing with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

NTSB with a heavily damaged pair of China Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) flight recorders. U.S. experts in Washington, DC, analyze cockpit voice and flight data recorders. Along with other little usable evidence, these recorders will leave a 65-foot (20-meter) deep hole on the hill to sniff and unlock anything due to the long head. The crash was so severe that the wreckage of more than 49,000 planes was reportedly recovered. China Eastern immediately grounded its 107 Boeing 737-800 aircraft fleet, although other Chinese operators are still flying the aircraft.

Any accident involving a Boeing aircraft, for whatever reason, reminds me of Lion Air and the Ethiopian Airlines Max crash and the turmoil surrounding the development of the aircraft. Boeing is facing some rough seas to rebuild its brand in China and has not yet received clearance to return to MAX services.
The arrival of the Shanghai Airlines 737 MAX is a start, so Boeing needs to build it and approve the certification quickly.

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