Service Wash Helmet – Profitable Businesses Ideas In 2021

Hot Businesses Ideas – Service Wash Helmet: The growth of two-wheeled vehicle or motorcycle that is very significant each year, making the business Wash Helmet (Helmet Salon) to be one business that needs. Helmet wash business in Indonesia is one type of service business is unique, has great market potential and not much in the market.

Based on data from the Directorate of Traffic Police Sub Samapta, the number of motorcycles in 2004 was 28.96 million and in 2005 reached 34.75 million, an estimated annual growth reached + 20% / year, with growth estimated number of motorcycles in the year 2008 was 60.05 million and this number will continue to grow every year.

The growth is supported also by the large number of financial institutions that serve the lending vehicle, making it easier for people to have the motor is wide open. As an obligatory attribute of a motorist, the helmet should always be used, and it is definitely a helmet will get dirty, either the inside or the outside.

Dust and sweat that sticks to the inside of the helmet, can become a den of germs and fungi that can cause several diseases, such as runny nose, itching and dandruff on the hair. This is of course highly undesirable by the riders. For that helmets must always be kept clean, washed once at least 1 month.

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