Through New Discoveries – People Will Regain Lost Sight

People will regain lost sight: As you grow older, your eyesight begins to decline. Many times people become completely blind. Wise of the United States He sees the light of hope for the blind. They have devised a method so that the myopia caused with age can be regained as full vision.

Researchers have already been successful in applying their invented method to Inure. The method is currently awaiting trial in humans from the US Food and Drug Administration (AKDA). In the next two to three years, millions of people will regain their sight.

Researchers at the Center for Retinal Innovation in Texas, USA Issachar has done this while doing research on oracular degeneration. They say that age-related oracular degeneration (mocular degeneration) affects millions of people.

Oracular degeneration is the loss of the eyelids The yakula is a small area of ​​the retina behind the eyes through which we can see even the smallest things clearly. They claim that the method they have studied will be able to change the field of ophthalmology by eliminating the problem of poor eyesight.

Sai Chawla, author of the research article, says the new study uses fibrillation cells chemically to make photo receptor-like cells. Their modified photo receptors were transplanted into the bodies of 14 blind rats and tested for vision loss. They have got promising results. “I am hopeful that their discovery will bring about a groundbreaking change in the field of eye care in the future,” he said.

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