Normal Delivery Babies Are Smart – Know About This!

Why Normal Delivery Babies Are Smart – Know About This!

A cesarean section is essential if the life of the mother and the newborn is threatened by any complications during childbirth. But it causes some problems for mother and baby.

Therefore, it is necessary to give special importance to cesarean section if it is not absolutely necessary.

A recent research report published in Australia found that babies born in normal births are much smarter and have a much higher immune system.

The reason is that they can get and eat breast milk easily and quickly after birth. Immediately after birth, the newborn gets the necessary warmth by touching the mother’s skin.

Newborns also get some beneficial bacteria when they cross the birth canal. These increase their immunity. It’s not just normal people who are smart. Studies have shown that those children are next Introduces a lot more talent. They do well in studies.

But now the number of cesareans is increasing in the country. The World Health Organization says the rate should be between 10 and 15 percent of all births. But at present 31 percent of children in Bangladesh are born through surgery.

There are allegations that some private hospitals and clinics perform unnecessary operations for higher profits. On the other hand, it is also true that many mothers and their family members do not want the pain of childbirth to be too much for them. So they also put a lot of pressure on the operation out of fear of problems. But most do not think about the harmful side.

In this regard, Ishtiaq Mannan, Deputy Country Director of Save the Children, said that the number of births through unnecessary operations is increasing at an abnormal rate. As a result, both the mother and the child are suffering. Therefore, the birth rate should be reduced through surgery.

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