Inauguration Of The World’s Longest Railway Tunnel In 2021

Inauguration of the world’s longest railway tunnel: Switzerland is the longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world. The tunnel, which has been in use for nearly two decades, has been officially inaugurated for use. The 56 km (35 mi) long railway tunnel connects the northern and southern parts of Europe through the bottom of the Swiss Allies. Authorities in Switzerland say it will revolutionize freight transport in Europe.

Around one lakh lorries carry goods in this rot throughout the year. It will be much easier and more dynamic to carry goods. At the same time, 325 passengers will be able to travel in the tunnel by train. The 1.20 billion tunnel, called Goatherd Base, was designed in 1948. And the implementation is after about 60 years. A 410 meter long giant tunnel boring machine has been used to make this long tunnel through the belly of the Alps. Almost 125 workers have worked 844 thousand hours non-stop.

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