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How To Become An Air Hostess? Step By Step Guide

How To Become An Air Hostess: Air hostesses are responsible for welcoming passengers and ensuring their safety while traveling. Before the flight, they are responsible for checking the passengers and their luggage, then, during the flight, they serve the passengers, inform them and ensure their comfort.

Being an air hostess is a job that makes you dream because it allows you to travel around the four corners of the planet, but it is also a job with responsibility.

In this article, we will explore all aspects of this profession, the role of how to become an air hostess, the tasks and missions assigned to them, as well as their remuneration, and the qualities required for this job.

How To Become An Air Hostess: What is the job of an air hostess?

The air hostess is a cabin crew (PNC). They are responsible for the welfare and safety of the passengers as a parser.

What does an air hostess do?

The flight crew has three main missions – service, comfort, and safety. However, the responsibilities of an air hostess begin long before takeoff and continue until after landing. In fact, the cabin crew intervenes at different levels.

Before The Flight

how to become an air hostess to meet passengers after arriving at the airport during check-in. In fact, it is a hostess who takes care of the passenger registration and her luggage as well as the boarding pass version.

The flight crew checks the proper functioning of the equipment in the cabin life jacket, oxygen mask, flight path to the door in case of emergency departure, slides, etc.

At the boarding gate, the cabin crew checks passengers’ identities and their travel documents.

Flight Time

Air hostesses greet passengers at the entrance of the aircraft. They help passengers find their seats, settle down and keep their luggage.

Just before take-off, flight attendants demonstrate safety by indicating the location of passengers, in particular, the emergency departure, the location of the oxygen mask, as well as the location of the life jacket.

During the flight, the cabin crew serves food and drinks to the passengers, but also observes the disabled and unaccompanied children.

Ensures adherence to safety instructions and rules on board the crew. On some flights, air hostesses may have to sell tax-free products such as cosmetics, tobacco, and alcohol. This service is better known as the sale of duty-free goods.

On Landing

As the plane began to land, the flight crew monitored the passengers to see if they had fastened their seat belts properly. Once the plane has landed, the flight attendants arrange for the plane to land in optimal condition.

What Training To Become An Air Hostess?

To become part of the cabin crew of an airline, you have two choices: you can turn to a training organization, or to an airline directly.

In both cases, you must obtain the Cabin Crew Member Certificate, better known by its English name: Cabine Crew Attestation (CCA).

To access cabin crew training, you must have at least the baccalaureate, be of legal age, and know-how to swim.

However, it is not uncommon to see Bac+2 level candidates begin training. These are often profiles with a background in tourism or applied foreign languages ​​(LEA).

Fluency in English is essential, and training in the hotel industry or work experience abroad is highly appreciated.

To begin, you will first need to obtain a certificate of medical aptitude, issued by a CEMPN (Center of Medical Expertise for Aircrew). Then, you can prepare the Cabin Crew Member Certificate (CCA), formerly called the Safety Training Certificate (CFS), a state diploma issued by the Direction Générale de L’Aviation Civile (DGAC),

The initial CCA training to become an air hostess consists of two parts:

  • Theoretical training – lasts 3 weeks for a total training period of 105 hours. It covers 5 modules: “Medical aspects and first aid”, “Safety”, “Human component”, “Safety” and “Hazardous products”. These theoretical courses are followed by an examination in the form of a multiple-choice question paper. Candidates then answer 70 questions in 1 hour 45 minutes and get a minimum 75% success rate for admission.
  • Practical training – is provided within 6 days, i.e. 42 hours of training which must be passed at one of the three French test centers approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC). The training covers the following modules: “Medical Guide and First Aid”, “Safety”, “Swimming Pool Event Preparation” (wearing a life jacket, carrying passengers over 25 meters, and climbing into a canoe), “Real Extinguishing Fire”, including breathing apparatus. . Equipped with protection. The training ended with a 2-day test provided by the examiners of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Some training centers offer recruitment coaching sessions. This additional module is an advanced module where the air hostess performs their first immersion as a cabin crew.

The goal of this training is to help trainees optimize their application materials, their CVs, and cover letters in French and English. Experienced trainers conduct job interview simulations with airlines and go with how to become an air hostess in search of their first job as a cabin crew.

What Is The Remuneration Of An Air Hostess?

Remuneration paid to an air hostess varies from one airline to another, each setting its own pay scale.

There is a big difference between the salaries of commercial flight attendants between so-called “low cost” airlines and so-called “national” airlines. Also, the regulations vary depending on the location of the airline’s head office.

The salary of Air France’s long-haul flight attendant is estimated at 2100 euros, varying according to income profile, to say the least. With the exception of 14 1400 uniform bonuses which are the same for everyone, you can earn a little more if you are willing to spend more time in the clouds than on the ground. It is a choice to make according to your family situation because, in general, there will be no more time for you and your loved one.

Another factor that affects pay is seniority. As the years go by, your income will increase. It is estimated that the salary of an how to become an air hostess who has been in business for 10 years or more is more than 2500 Euros. You can reach 3000 euros if you have seniority of about fifteen years and in the month you fly a lot, you can stay in the service of Air France after 15 years, for example, earn up to 3500 net euros.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Air Hostess?

Air hostesses must have good interpersonal skills and good resistance to fatigue and stress due to flight times which can be long and stagnant. He should also know how to show restraint in the face of some uncivilized passengers.

The air hostess must be smiling and have an excellent presentation. These are essential principles because they represent the image of their employer. Also, being an air hostess means having knowledge of foreign languages, the minimum requirement of which is English.

Professional Development Of An Air Hostess?

After a few years of experience, the cabin crew can ask you to work on a long-haul flight or choose the service they want to work in 1st class, business class, etc.

Really for the development of her career and her remuneration, an air hostess can be a parser for internal promotion. He will then lead a team of air hostesses on the flight.

There are senior purser positions for larger crews. It is possible to be the head of the aircrew, but there is only one position in each company.

Finally, if the how to become an air hostess wants to lead a more stable life, a career as an instructor or ground handling agent may be considered.

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