Fancy Bus Is Coming To Avoid Traffic Jam

Fancy bus is coming to avoid traffic jam! China, a country with a population of about 1.5 billion, is the victim of a speeding van So the country is going to launch an innovative bus service called ‘Transit Elevated Bus’ to give hundred to the people from the problem of daily traffic jam. Or ‘can move effortlessly over another car.

This bus model was recently unveiled at the Indigenous High-Tech Expo in Beijing! That has spread among the people of China. According to Chinese pundits, the transit elevated bus, or TB in short, should look like a subway. Other cars can easily go through the floor of this moving boss.

If you want it, you can pass it on other vehicles without any damage to the vehicle. Although the elevated bus looks like a subway, its cost is much less than putting it on the subway, only one way elevated bus will carry 1200 passengers. The Chinese government plans to launch the boat in Qingdao, Hebei province, earlier this year.

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