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Is Elon Musk planning his private airport in Texas?

The story includes that Elon Musk is planning to open his private airport near Austin, Texas. Let’s take a look at what the revolutionary entrepreneur has in store.

A new airfield for Musk’s multiple companies

Elon Musk makes himself heard again and plans to build a brand new private airport in Austin; More specifically, the airfield should be located near Bastrop.

The main reason why Musk is eyeing a new airport in this location is to enable private jet travel for himself and his executives. Indeed, the airfield will be in a strategic location, as many of Musk’s companies, including Tesla headquarters, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, are located within the catchment area of ​​the potential new airport.

No specific location was shared for Musk’s airport; However, they said it should be closer to Bastrop. Image: Flightradar24.com

To be sure, Musk and his companies own vast tracts of land in the second largest state in the United States. The entrepreneur owns a sprawling acreage in central Texas along the Colorado River. Specifically, Musk’s core area would be Giga Texas in southeastern Travis County, which covers an area of ​​2,500 acres (10 sq km). The relevance of this land is that, in December 2021, Musk moved the Tesla headquarters from Silicon Valley, CA, to this area in Texas. Additionally, the Boring Company headquarters were moved to Texas, three miles from Austin Executive Airport, which serves general aviation as an alternative to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Musk’s airport specialty

For now, there is no specific information about Musk’s airport. However, it can be assumed that the airfield will have similar characteristics to Austin Executive Airport. Austin Executive Airport is characterized by a 6,025-foot (1.8 km). The runway and community hangar cover an area of ​​130,000 square feet (12,077 square meters).

Musk regularly flies to Austin Executive on a 2015-built Gulfstream G650; However, he reportedly plans to upgrade to the G700, which has an average base price of $78 million. Delivery of the plane is expected in early 2023. Why Musk might choose this private jet is the fact that it reportedly offers the most spacious cabin on the private jet market, with 19 seats and two bathrooms. The aircraft has a flight range of 7,500 (13,890 km) nautical miles, enough to fly non-stop from Austin to Hong Kong. Many of us wonder if Musk’s new private jet will be as famous as the current one, which has its own automated Twitter account, elongates, tracking and reporting the movements of Musk’s private jet.

The new private jet Mask eyes have been said to be the most spacious in its segment, offering accommodation for up to 5. Photo: Gulfstream

However, no specific timeline has been shared regarding the start of construction. However, building an airport is anything but an easy step. Kasturi will have to apply and wait for approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as confirmation that the airport’s master plan aligns with environmental standards set by the FAA. Moreover, there is currently no information available about the exact location of the new airport.

What do you think of Musk’s plan to open a brand-new general aviation airport near Austin? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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