576 Megapixel Camera In Human Eyes

576 Megapixel Camera in Human Eyes

Currently there is a global competition for high power camera innovation. But many do not know how much more powerful camera Allah has given to human eyes.

Phones with 8 to 41 megapixel cameras are available in the current market. But the amazing thing is that there is a 56 megapixel camera in the human eye. That’s why we see about 1 crore colors separately.

The pixel is the lifeblood of the image, the smallest part of the image that cannot be seen with the naked eye. According to international rules, 1 million pixels equals 1 megapixel.

This megapixel is the unit of volume taken by the camera lens. Besides, the 56 megapixel account is in the case of stillness. And the moving or video human eye is capable of filming up to 7.6 gigapixels.

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